Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Obamacare) Health Insurance

Not sure how ACA (Obamacare) affects your health care plans? Learn how the ACA works, including benefits, costs and enrollment.

What is Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also know as Obamacare provides individuals and families greater access to affordable health insurance options including medical, dental, vision, and other types of health insurance that may not otherwise be available.

Affordable Coverage

Discover affordable healthcare options under Obamacare, ensuring quality care without breaking the bank

No Denial for Pre-existing Conditions

Say goodbye to worries about pre-existing conditions affecting your coverage eligibility. Obamacare ensures coverage for all.

Preventive Care at Your Fingertips

Access a range of preventive care services with no extra cost, focusing on your well-being and proactive health management. Tailored Insurance Plans: Find the perfect insurance plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace, customized to your needs and budget.

Accessible Health Benefits

Enjoy comprehensive health benefits, including prescription drugs, maternity care, mental health services, and more, all included in your plan.

Protection for Young Adults

Ensure the well-being of your young adult dependents by keeping them on your insurance plan until they turn 26.

Flexible Healthcare Options

Embrace the flexibility and convenience of the ACA, allowing you to explore various healthcare providers and choose the one that suits your preferences

What Benefits Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Cover?

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